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5 top tips for returning to sporting activity after an ankle sprain

Justin Yeoh, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant at our centre in Surrey shares his expert advice and recommendations for treating a sprained ankle and the transition to returning to sporting activity quickly.

How to Manage Injury When Training for a Marathon

Sports and medicine consultant Dr Phil Riley to the professionals shares his top tips on managing a sports injury.

5 stretches to include in your new daily work schedule

Ele King, Sports Massage Therapist at our centre in Weybridge shares the 5 daily stretches to include in your new working from home routine, to improve posture, mobility and productivity.

How to Reduce the Risk of Post-Lockdown Sports Injury

Minimise the potential for injury with the expert advice from our Sports Medicine Consultant Dr Phil Riley and ensure you reach pre-lockdown fitness levels, injury-free.

How to train in Winter and Avoid a Sports Injury

When the UK experiences short days, bad weather and cold temperatures all day long, it can be challenging to keep up your training routine. Here, our experts share their advice on maintaining training levels and avoiding injury during the Winter.