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Medical Imaging Partnership is an established clinically led business that has been delivering high-quality community based diagnostic services to both the NHS and the private sector for over a decade.

Offering support to aid waiting list recovery

We are on all the NHS Frameworks for CDC, increasing capacity and direct mutual aid. As an approved NHS contract provider, we are already well placed to welcome patients and we already deliver stand-alone Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) services to patients at convenient locations, including at a football stadium.

Through our mobile fleet, we can offer the NHS immediate interim capacity while permanent CDC facilities are built and services are redesigned.

Latest generation imaging equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment is very new and covers all modalities as part of a design and build solution along with mobile and translocatable solutions.

It includes:

This new equipment offers a much-improved patient experience and service efficiency, with faster scanning times and a modern, comfortable environment.

Within the existing Medical Imaging Partnership CDC sites, we offer both imaging and physiological diagnostic services including ECG, BPM and respiratory function testing as well as phlebotomy.

A flexible, integrated workforce

Our collaborative staffing model is designed to support opportunities to work alongside local clinical teams and to increase learning and role extension opportunities.

We have had good success in overseas recruitment and continue to look at any opportunities to increase our apprenticeship scheme. We are always keen to consider how we can create staff rotations between the CDC and local Trust.

We have our own radiologist network and utilise third-party solutions in order to deal with seasonality and spikes in volumes.

Cross system support

IT integration is a key to successful joint working and interoperability between the CDC and local Trust.

We have our own Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integration engine that allows rapid seamless flow of RIS/PACS information to enable rapid turnaround and minimal delays.

Superior reporting with rapid result turnaround times

Our reports are renowned within the industry for their high standard.

Our scans are interpreted by experienced specialist radiologists. We are proud to work with some of the most experienced radiographers and FRSC consultant radiologists in the UK. They report on high volumes of scans in their specialist field.

Images and reports are turned around as quickly as possible with results sent back directly into the host PACS system, minimising any delay to diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about how we can support your community diagnostic needs, please contact:

Karen Planterose
Operations Director

E: karen.planterose@medicalimaging.org.uk

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