Are you ditching your razor for Movember?

Medical Imaging Partnership is once again supporting ‘Movember‘. Movember is a month-long global campaign held each November. It aims to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, and mental health issues such as depression and suicide.

What is the idea behind Movember?

The original idea for Movember came about in 2003 where a group of 30 friends challenged each other to grow out their moustaches for the entire month of November. The group decided to attach the challenge to a worthwhile cause, that of men’s health, and from this challenge, The Movember Foundation was created.

The popularity and simplicity of the challenge has since grown on an international scale with men participating from America, Europe, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, China, and further afield.

With an average of over 5.2 million participants each year, millions of pounds have since been raised with thousands of men’s health projects being funded from the donations collected.

Breaking the stigma

The Movember campaign has greatly helped to reduce the stigma that has always surrounded men’s health issues such as prostate health and worry about prostate cancer. The awareness raised and the positive actions of campaigns such as Movember are now seeing the tide turning on talking about men’s health.

Are you worried about your prostate?

It can be very difficult for men to talk to someone they know or even a doctor about their health concerns, especially concerning their prostate. Many will continue to ignore worrying symptoms that may indicate that there could be a more serious underlying issue.

Symptoms of prostate cancer can often appear slowly, so you may be unaware that you have it for a very long time. However, when caught early prostate cancer survival rates are much greater. This is why it makes sense not to delay getting your prostate health checked as soon as you experience any potential or worrying symptoms.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

Many men first experience health issues once the prostate grows large enough to put pressure on the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis.

You may begin to notice:

  • An increased need to urinate
  • Straining while urinating
  • A feeling that your bladder has not fully emptied

While you may start to worry that experiencing these symptoms means that you have prostate cancer, this may not be the case. However, you shouldn’t ignore these symptoms and it is recommended you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible.

What to do if you experience worrying symptoms?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, the recommended first step would be to book an appointment with your GP.

Initially, your GP is likely to:

  • Check there is no infection by taking a urine sample
  • Undertake a PSA Test which requires taking a blood sample to test your level of prostate-specific antigen
  • Examine your prostate

Alongside your results of the initial tests, your GP will assess a number of factors, including your age, family history and ethnic group to determine your risk of having prostate cancer.

Depending on your risk level, your GP may refer you to your local hospital for a biopsy. This procedure involves using a thin needle to take small samples of the tissue from the prostate which are then examined under a microscope.

The results from these tests will determine and confirm your diagnosis and if further tests or treatment is needed.

Are there any other options?

As a team of experts in the field of diagnostic imaging, we offer fast, seamless and painless multi-parametric prostate assessments using state-of-the-art 3T MRI scans.

Scanning the prostate as opposed to carrying out a biopsy, is highly

accurate and non-invasive. 3T MRI scans gives a more detailed picture of the prostate than a standard scan. It does this by combining up to four different types of image. These images give doctors very accurate information which allows them to differentiate between benign and cancerous changes inside the prostate.

It’s a simple, easy and discreet experience carried out by a highly qualified healthcare professional.

With our fast track prostate diagnostic service, you can be seen and scanned within 1-2 days, and have your scan results back very quickly, often on the same day, so you don’t have to wait around in a state of limbo for your results.

Wait less – worry less!

Our reports will be quickly available to you and are easily accessible for your Consultants and Health Professionals to review to get the answers you need. Wait less – worry less!

Why wait around to get potentially life-changing answers?

If you or someone you know is experiencing worrying symptoms, make Movember the month to take control of your prostate health and speak to your GP.

Alternatively, request a private appointment with us or contact our friendly team to discuss your prostate health concerns. We are here to help!

Get involved in Movember

If you want to take part in Movember yourself then it couldn’t be simpler!

Simply grow out your moustache and/or beard and use it as a conversation starter to help break the stigma and silence that surrounds prostate health. You can also invite your family and friends to support the growth of your ‘mo’ by donating funds to the ‘Movember Foundation’.

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