Is a sports injury causing you pain and affecting your performance?

Let us get you on the road to recovery quickly, with easy access to world-class technology, healthcare professionals and physiotherapists at our treatment and diagnostic centre in central London

At Medical Imaging Partnership we understand how frustrating an injury can be for those that exercise regularly. You just want to get back to your best, as quickly as possible. 

We’ll get you back up and running in no time.

Understanding the severity of the injury and how to speed-up healing is the number one priority.

As well as a Private GP service, some of the UK’s leading consultants, radiologists and physiotherapists work at our Marylebone-based centre in London. Together they provide our patients with an expert, holistic, multi-disciplinary service which encompasses diagnosis, treatment and injury prevention.

Our key focus is to quickly and accurately diagnose your injury and to provide you with the very best treatment and advice from those that know best.

Get back in your trainers and doing what you love.

Whether you run, swim, or cycle our goal is to return you to peak sporting performance… quickly.

We treat a wide range of sports injuries including:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Rotator cuff tendon injury
  • Back injury

Our centre in Central London offers exceptional facilities and fast, easy access to diagnostic imaging, and leading sports and exercise specialists.

Appointments are often available on the same day.

Our centre is Covid-19 secure, however, if you prefer, we can also offer appointments remotely, over the phone or by secure video.

Discover more about our commitment to you during this time. 

Why choose Medical Imaging Partnership?

By working with some of the UK’s leading consultants, radiographers and physiotherapists, we offer an unparalleled sports injury service to patients.

When you book an appointment with us,  you can be confident that you will have direct access to:

  • Highly experienced General Practitioners with our dedicated Private GP service
  • Expert-led healthcare provided by highly experienced healthcare professionals from a wide of range of sporting disciplines
  • World-class diagnostic imaging facilities including 3T MRI
  • Multidisciplinary teams from a range of services who will provide a clear diagnosis and get you on to an appropriate treatment plan, quickly

Elite sports teams and individuals regularly use Medical Imaging Partnership because of our exceptional standards, and the years of experience and expertise our team provide.

Our services and specialists are easy to access.

Just contact us by calling 020 3519 8998, or complete our enquiry form and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

Book your appointment today and get on that road to recovery

    Our UK wide network of centres include;

    Medical Imaging Cheshire

    Located in Stockport, Medical Imaging Cheshire provides a range of high-quality health and diagnostic services to the general public and healthcare professionals in the Greater Manchester region.

    Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, London

    Located just off Harley Street, our centre in Queen Anne Street offers fast access to high-quality scanning and diagnostic technologies, and outpatient services and clinics.

    Prime Health, Surrey

    Prime Health in Weybridge offers a wide range of private medical, diagnostic, therapy and fitness services.