Who we are and what we do

We are a group of experienced doctors, operational managers and IT experts committed to improving healthcare through technology.

Radiologist Professional Support Services
Medical Imaging Partnership has been created by UK radiologists to support imaging teams to enhance their ability in the delivery of imaging services in the ever changing NHS/healthcare market.

We believe that UK radiologists wish and need to take more control over their professional lives and their patient referrals, in order to achieve their clinical and business objectives. Medical Imaging Partnership can assist in the following ways:

Key benefits

  • Commercial support in the creation of the correct legal framework to move forward e.g. a Limited Liability Partnership or a Limited Company
  • IT solutions to manage workload and business strategy
  • Service redesign and strategic support in building local imaging practices including collaborative joint ventures to provide you with your own radiology facilities
  • Cost reduction through economies of scale as a result of developing networks of imaging teams
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility in clinical reporting enabling in-sourcing
  • Ability and confidence to grow your business
  • Improved communication by giving your referrers online and immediate access to their patients’ images and reports
  • Knowledge sharing within the network and with key customers e.g. creating a virtual learning environment with GP referrers
  • Ability to make best advantage of primary care direct access radiology

Medical Imaging Partnership want you to ‘own’ the provision of radiology in your locality and can provide the expertise and support to enable you to do this.

Managed Service

Medical Imaging Partnership can assist with the development of radiology services in the NHS (either in primary or secondary care) and in the private sector.

Our team has over 20 years experience of delivering high quality managed service radiology, from initial concept right through to operational delivery.

Our goal is to provide diagnostic imaging in the best possible location, whether that is in a primary care facility, a high street location or a hospital setting. Our systems will deliver will images and reports seamlessly into any local health system.

Medical Imaging Partnership can help with all aspects of developing a new radiology service, including:

  • Initial scoping
  • Business case development
  • Design
  • IT (systems and ongoing management)
  • Project management
  • Equipment procurement

Consulting & IT Services

Medical Imaging Partnership firmly believes that IT is a key enabler in healthcare.

It is through investment in relevant high quality IT systems, coupled with the best support and management that providers can gain significant competitive advantage.

Your IT solution should provide a platform for clinical excellence and high levels of patient satisfaction and provide you with detailed management information. Your information systems are the foundation on which your clinical systems are based, and it is therefore vital that both infrastructure and software are fully optimised.

Our IT services are seamlessly designed, pro-actively managed with 24/7 support and maintenance. Medical Imaging Partnership and our partner organisation Avante-Medical have built a broad range of technology capabilities for healthcare, and more specifically for radiology providers.

We can help you to undertake a strategic review of your locality and can provide you with the advice, frameworks and management systems to enable you to be in control of your work.

Medical Imaging Partnership can assist in:

  • Planning and design of systems/services
  • Development, start-up and initial management expertise
  • ‘Key partner’ relationship management (hospital groups, insurers, private radiology providers)
  • Strategic planning and development