Treatment Packages and Offers

At Medical Imaging Partnership, our goal is to give patients and healthcare professionals fast, easy access to expert-led outpatient services and diagnostic imaging. From your initial enquiry, our expert team are here to help you every step of the way, making sure your treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible. Here you will find details of treatment packages and offers currently available at selected Medical Imaging Partnership centres and clinics. 

Treatment Packages and Offers

Please find below details of current treatment and offers available at Medical Imaging Partnership centres and clinics.

Please note, offers are available only at centres listed and terms and conditions apply.

Diagnostic Imaging Offers

Currently, we have no diagnostic imaging offers.

Treatment Packages

Prostate Assessments

Our fast track prostate diagnostic service offers fast, seamless and painless multi-parametric prostate assessments using state-of-the-art 3T MRI scans.

Treatment Package available at:

Ultrasound-Guided Steroid Injections for Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain can have a detrimental effect on your day to day life; it can reduce your mobility, cause extreme distress and affect your mental health.

Available across our UK-wide network of centres, ultrasound-guided steroid injections can reduce inflammation and provide significant pain relief to swollen and painful joints.

Prices start from £350.

Sports Injury Treatment from £150

Let us put you on the road to recovery from a sports injury, with fast, easy access to world-class sports medicine consultants and physiotherapists at our state-of-the-art diagnostic centre in South Manchester.

Available at:

Running Performance Assessment for £295

We have teamed up with leading sports and exercise medicine consultants to develop a 90 minute expert-led ‘Running Performance Assessment’ for long distance runners at South Manchester Diagnostics.

Available at:

Sports Injury Assessments in London

Let us get you on the road to recovery quickly, with easy access to world-class technology, healthcare professionals and physiotherapists at our treatment and diagnostic centre in central London.

Available at: